Formed in October 2017, Illogical Notion are a Grunge/Hard Rock trio from London, UK. The band consists of Three members: Bradley (Vocals, Bass Guitar), Jack (Lead Guitar) and Alistair (Drums). Bradley and Jack met at their secondary school in Surrey and had many failed attempts at starting bands with other classmates. In 2015, the pair both attended the same college in Epsom, Surrey, where they met Alistair. The band started as two separate acts, Survivor's Guilt (Jack and Alistair's band) and Bradley's solo project. Bradley paired up with Survivor's Guilt in October 2017 for a one-off gig (or what was planned to be) at the Water Rats in London. The band formed almost immediately after this show as they all agreed that the two acts would be better merged into one project, Illogical Notion.


The band released their debut EP "Blind" on February 16th 2018. This was originally written by Bradley as an acoustic solo EP. During the recording process, the band was formed and other instrumentation was recorded over the initial takes. This gave the record this very mellow and bright theme, bringing out slow and rhythmic grunge in tracks such as "Blind" and "LiarPoet", while having contrasting upbeat songs with melodies that resemble 2000's Pop Punk in songs like "Voices" and "Not Again".

They continued to play shows in 2018, most notably, the 229, the O2 Academy Islington and Cafe 101 to name a few. They have been writing a new load of songs and have so far debut 2 new songs at the 229 in August 2018 and in other shows. The band's new direction for writing has been greatly influenced by them all being present in this process, rather than coming up with ideas individually. This year of growth is proof of their dedication and love for what they do.

The band started 2019 by releasing a cover of Royal Blood's "Out of the Black". They played the New Cross Inn and the Islington in early 2019 and the trio go on to play the Dublin Castle in Camden on April 28th. Booking more and more gigs, they hope to be in as many people's faces as possible in anticipation for the full length release planned for 2019.

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